Volume 9

Konservierungswissenschaft schreibt Geschichte
Objektrestaurierung an der Angewandten –
Ein Beitrag zur Entwicklungsgeschichte
der Konservierungswissenschaft und Restaurierung

(Conservation science makes history
Object Conservation at the Angewandte –
A contribution to the development of conservation science and conservation)

Volume 9, 2012, 978-3-205-78859-1
Edited by: Elisabeth Krack

The reappraisal of its own (conservation) history has become a necessity for the young discipline of conservation science. After all, the evaluation of materials and methods used in the past now serves as a basis for the development of current conservation strategies in museums and in the preservation of historical monuments.
Starting in the 19th century, when civic commitment and historical awareness first formed the basis for the preservation of cultural assets, the author uses the University of Applied Arts Vienna as a case study to trace a broad arc from the beginnings of restoration activities at the former Kunstgewerbeschule to the founding of the first master class for metal restoration in 1964 to today’s internationally anchored Institute of Conservation.