Volume 8

Visibilia Invisibilium
Non-invasive analyses on Tibetan paintings
from the Tucci expedition

Volume 8, 2011, 978-3-205-78694-8
Edited by: Marisa Laurenzi Tabasso, Massimiliano A. Polichetti and Claudio Seccaroni

From his highly regarded scientific expeditions to Tibet between 1929 and 1954, Orientalist Giuseppe Tucci brought a large number of thangkas to Italy. This important collection in the Museo Nazionale d’Arte Orientale “Guiseppe Tucci” in Rome was examined and restored by a team of Italian experts in the 1990s.
The Institute for Conservation at the University of Applied Arts Vienna was able to contribute some analyses carried out as part of the long-standing Nako-Thangka project.
The now published publication Visibilia Invisibilium describes in numerous contributions the exclusively non-destructive analyses carried out on this important Tibetan cultural heritage.