Volume 7

Konservierungswissenschaften und Restaurierung heute
Von Objekten, Gemälden, Textilien und Steinen
(Conservation science and conservation today
Of objects, paintings, textiles and stones)

Volume 7, 2010, 978-3-205-78579-8
Edited by: Gabriela Krist and Martina Griesser-Stermscheg

What do a Chinese silk embroidery, a Carinthian Lenten cloth, a Hallstatt find and a Schönbrunn park sculpture have in common? They and many other objects are the focus of conservation science research at the Institute of Conservation at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.
In the four specialisations of the conservation field of study (painting, object, stone, textile), a wide variety of objects are conserved and restored at the highest level, conservation inventories of collections and architectural surveys are carried out at home and abroad. A representative selection of diploma theses, dissertations and project reports in this volume provides insight into the fascinating, broad spectrum of a discipline that is positioning itself ever more strongly – conservation science.