Volume 3

Fritz Krcal (1888-1983)
Der Nachlass des Malers im Vorarlberger Landesmuseum,
Restaurierungen und maltechnische Untersuchungen
(The painter’s estate in the Vorarlberg State Museum,
Conservation interventions and technical investigations)

Volume 3, 2006, 978-3-205-77471-6
Edited by: Gabriela Krist and Helmut Swozilek

The Bregenz painter Fritz Krcal (1888-1983) experimented with colour materials and painting techniques throughout his life. As a result, his works are characterised by unusual painting effects, but also show unusual ageing phenomena and damage that pose a special challenge for restorers.
The Fritz Krcal estate in the Vorarlberg State Museum comprises 1200 objects. The collection focuses on 400 paintings, which were used as examples for scientific studies of painting technique, an inventory to document the technological structure and condition, as well as model conservation-restoration work.