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Oct 2022
Foto von 50 Jahrdfeier der Welterbekonvention



This year two anniversaries in connection with the UNESCO World Heritage: the 50th anniversary of the World Heritage
Convention and its ratification by Austria 30 years ago. The Institute of Conservation and the UNESCO Chair on Conservation and Preservation of Tangible Cultural Heritage are present at the World Heritage Sites Conference and the ceremony in Baden in October and will participate with a lecture on climate change and cultural heritage at the World Heritage Conference in Salzburg in November.


17. Österreichische Welterbestätten-Konferenz (Austrian World Heritage Sites Conferences), 19.-20.10.2022, Baden
bei Wien

Welterbekonferenz (World Heritage Conference) „25 Jahre Welterbe Historische Altstadt von
Salzburg”, 10.-11.11.2022, Salzburg

Mar 2022

/// World Heritage Day 2022 –
Guided tour of the Votivkirche Museum and the Votivekirche

18.04-.2022, 14:00

As part of World Heritage Day on 18 April, the Institute of Conservation together with Reverend Joe Farrugia, invites you to an exclusive guided tour of the newly erected museum in the Votivkirche in Vienna.

The Votivkirche is not only the only sacred building, but also the first monumental building on Vienna’s Ringstrasse. The Ring, a magnificent boulevard with representative buildings, was built from 1857 onwards in the course of the city’s expansion to replace the defensive structures and the glacis around the city, which had become obsolete. The decision to build the Votivkirche on its present site was made even before the official start of the city expansion, which is why it occupies a special place in the historicist Ringstrasse architecture.

Today’s museum is located in the raised oratory behind the altar – a room originally reserved for the imperial couple. On display are not only valuable liturgical instruments, some of which were designed by the architect Ferstel himself with the aim of creating a total work of art. The impressive stained glass designs can also be marvelled at.

One of the highlights of the exhibition is the late Gothic Antwerp Passion Altar, which was thoroughly examined and restored as part of a diploma thesis at the Institute.

The Institute of Conservation, under the direction of Professor Gabriela Krist, played a leading role in the conception of the new exhibition. The objects were conserved by staff, students and graduates of the Institute.

Dr. Johanna Runkel and Pastor Joe Farrugia will be the guides.

The exhibition is accessible – not barrier-free – via a spiral staircase.

Registration is required at

Feb 2021

/// Joint Master Cultural Heritage Conservation and Management

The new study programme of Angewandte and the Thai Silpakorn University International College enables graduates of conservation-restoration to develop and refine competences and gain on-hand experience in international project work, teaching and didactics of conservation, project and site management, and the preservation of World Heritage and cultural property in South (East) Asia.

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Nov 2020

/// Providing Expertise – World Heritage Historic Centre of Vienna

On 16 November 2020, invited experts discussed how research, communication and capacity building can enhance efforts to preserve the outstanding universal value (OUV) of the historic centre of Vienna, a World Heritage Site. Further, ways of information transfer and raising awareness for World Heritage were addressed in the meeting.

Nov 2020

/// World Heritage Summer Academy 2020

2 Weeks – 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites – 6 Universities

From 1 to 12 July six of the overall ten UNESCO World Heritage sites in Austria had been visited: the historic centres of Salzburg, Graz and Vienna, Palace Schönbrunn as well as the cultural landscapes of Wachau and Semmering Railway. Tangible and intangible cultural heritage were focused equally. The topics ranged from preservation, conservation-restoration to urban development and conflicts in town planning, management and cultural tourism as well as cultural communication and education. The broad spectrum of issues enabled the 22 participating students an intensive discussion of World Heritage in all its facets and from different angles.
The Institute of Conservation and the UNESCO Chair on Conservation and Preservation of Tangible Cultural Heritage were involved as organisers for the second time.

May 2020

/// First Meeting of the Austrian UNESCO-Chair holders

Initiated by Chair holder Gabriela Krist all Austrian UNESCO-Chair holders together with the General secretary Mag. Patrizia Jankovic and staff of the Austrian UNESCO Commission came together on 15 May in the virtual space. The meeting showed the broad range of disciplines and expertise on UNESCO topics.

Mar 2020

/// Workshop Preventive Conservation and First-Aid for Archaeological Collections

Besides the successful collaboration with the Napier Museum in Trivandrum, Kerala, another workshop took place in this state in March (4-6 March 2020), this time in Kodungallur, namely the first workshop with Muziris Heritage Project and the Government of Kerala. Focus was on archaeological items and collections from excavations on the coast of Kerala. Preventive conservation, collection care and first-aid measures for archaeological objects were among the topics discussed.

Feb 2020

/// Conservation Campaign Nepal

In February (13 – 26 February 2020) a 4-person team of students and a senior conservator was in Patan, Nepal, to conclude the conservation-restoration of fire-gilded metal decoration and pinnacles at Bhimsen Temple. It was the already ninth conservation campaign after the severe quakes in 2015, which was financially supported by the Austrian Government.

Feb 2020

/// Workshop in New Delhi

‘Textiles on Storage’ was the first workshop with focus on textile collections, which was jointly organized between the Institute of Conservation, the UNESCO Chair and the Indian partners, the Indira Ghandi National Centre for the Arts and the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, in the capital of India. 30 participants attended and dealt with collection care, condition assessment, storages as well as handling, storing, packing and cleaning of textile objects.

Jan 2020

/// Lecture Series “World Heritage Convention”

Continuation of the lecture series from Bruno Maldoner in summer term 2020 revolving around World Heritage and the World Heritage Convention.

Dec 2019

/// International UNESCO Chair Conference and Meeting

“Linking education, transdisciplinarity and international partnership –
UNESCO Chairs for a sustainable future”

The first International Meeting of UNESCO Chairs took place from 2 to 4 December 2019 in Wuppertal, Germany. On behalf of the Chair Martina Haselberger participated and used the gathering for networking and exchange.

Oct 2019

/// Excursion Wachau

The excursion on 11 October led the almost 50 participants through the impressive Wachau cultural landscape, from Spitz to Melk abbey. Beside management and use of World Heritage sites, cultural landscapes, conservation and cultural property protection in the context of World Heritage were addressed.

Sep 2019

/// Viennese Workshop on Reconstruction

The first Viennese Workshop on Reconstruction on 29 September, the Monuments’ Day in Austria, was dedicated to conflicts, challenges and needs around the rehabilitation, reconstruction and rebuilding of cultural heritage.
Gabriela Krist and Martina Haselberger spoke about the conservation and reconstruction projects in Nepal, Bruno Maldoner addressed the reconstruction work in Vienna after the Second World War in his speech. Among the other lecturers were representatives of the Austrian UNESCO Commission, the Austrian Committee of the Blue Shield and ICOM Austria.

Sep 2019

/// Conservation Campaign Nepal

From 10 August to 9 September, a 12-person team of students and senior conservators was again in Patan, Nepal, to contribute to the conservation of earthquake-damaged cultural heritage. It was the already eighth conservation campaign after the severe quakes in 2015, which was financially supported by the Austrian Government.

Aug 2019

/// Summer University 2019

Participation and involvement in the Summer University „World Heritage – Cultural Management – Cultural Communication“, a cooperation between the University of Vienna (Friedrich Schipper), the University of Salzburg (Kurt Luger) and the University of Graz (Eva Klein), which led the participants to the World Heritage sites in Salzburg, Vienna and Graz.

Apr 2019

/// Einweihung des UNESCO-Lehrstuhls

Official inauguration of the UNESCO-Chair on 11 April in the university gallery Heiligenkreuzer Hof in the framework of the photo-exhibition “Preserving a Legacy“.