Festschrift engl – Konservierung und Restaurierung weiter denken

Konservierung und Restaurierung weiter denken
Festschrift für Gabriela Krist
Conservation and restoration in focus

This commemorative publication for Gabriela Krist, conservator, art historian, and Director of the Institute of Conservation at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, reflects, in a multifaceted and comprehensive way, on the development of this field of research and of the Institute itself.

In personal, scholarly, and artistic contributions, professional companions, colleagues, and students pay tribute to Gabriela Krist. It quickly becomes clear how significantly she shaped the field of conservation and restoration, expanding its international and interdisciplinary profile. The book also documents and discusses the development of this profession. Grounded in data and facts reflecting changes in practice, teaching, and research over two decades, this book reexamines many aspects of conservation and restoration.

ISBN: 9783110744712
Editor: Johanna Runkel

Cover Konservierung und Restaurierung weiter denken