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2018 | Severin Mair

Aspects of Conserving Artificial Stone Sculptures
Two Prismfigures by the Viennese Artist Alois Heidel from Langenzersdorf Museum



2017/18 | Thomas Weidinger

The lapidarium of the state museum of Carinthia
Technological assessment, condition survey and modelrestoration of a stele



2017 | Anna-Maria Tupy

A scagliola table top from the Esterházy Treasure Chamber of Forchtenstein Castle
Conservation and Restoration



2016 | Karoline Halbwachs

Die zwei Steinhaus-Viadukte der Semmeringbahn
Konservatorisch-restauratorische Bestandsaufnahme und Entwicklung eines Maßnahmenkonzepts



2015/16 | Barbara Rankl

The sarcophagi garden in Ephesus
Condition survey of 21 sarcophagi and conservation of the “Amazon Battle” sarcophagus



2015 | Sophie Langer

The Payerbach-Schwarza-Viaduct of the Semmeringbahn
Condition Survey and Concept for a Conservation



2014 | Katharina Fuchs

The royal palace in Patan, Nepal
Evaluation of the conservation treatments and recommendations for a maintenance program



2014 | Marko Prskalo

The roman mosaics of the museum carnuntinum in Bad Deutsch-Altenburg.
Survey of the mosaic collection and exemplary conservation.



2013/14 | Martina Haselberger

Protect or harm?
A conservation concept for the treatment of biologically induced encrustations and formation
of tufa on the eastern Naiad fountain in the gardens of Schönbrunn palace.



2013 | Susanne Leiner, Malgorzata Mozdyniewicz

The Aqueduct in Liesing, Vienna XXIII District
Condition survey and concept for a treatment



2012 | Andrea Hackel

Oil/White-Lead-Paint on Exterior Stone.
Investigating and Reconstructing a Historical Coating System using the Example
of Two Baroque Sculptures by Giovanni Giuliani



2011 | Bettina Unterberger

“Twin Towers?” The Western twin tower construction of the priory and
pilgrimage church in Maria Saal, 15th century, Carinthia



2011 | Matea Ban

Aspects of conserving exposed concrete architecture with Wotruba-Church as an example



2010 | Jana Melber 

Stucco-Consolidation and Conversion of Salts. Investigated at detailed Series of Tests and at Stuccosamples of the ≥Liechtenstein Palais” in Vienna and the “Hofkirche” in the Würzburg Residence



2010 | Susanne Spornberger

The “Schöner Brunnen” Fountain of the Schönbrunn Imperial Palace, Vienna. Assessment of Historic Structure and Condition as well as Formulation of a Conservation Concept



2010 | Martin Pliessnig

Marble of the Waldviertel – Deterioration and Conservation on the Example of the Funeral Monument “Schwarz-Kurz”, Zentralfriedhof Vienna, Old Jewish Cemetery Gate 1



2009 | Lisa Gräber

Polychromy on exterior stone. The late medieval relief of Christs Prayer at the Mount of Olives at the parish church in Perchtoldsdorf, Lower Austria


2009 | Josef Cepelka

The conservation of the conservation.
Possibilities for dealing with previous conservation treatments as exemplified by the polychrome stone statue of St. John of Nepomuk (1751), Erl in Tyrol.


2008 | Christoph Breidt

The large fountain complex at the Geymüllerschlössel: making natural stone in fountains water-repellent.


2008 | Elenora Weixelbaumer

The Minerva-Mosaic (1873), Stubenring 3-5, 1st district, Vienna Examination, technology and conservation of mosaic-glass and metal-leaf tesserae.


2008 | Iris Bermoser

Limewash as a protective and sacrificial layer on lime-sandstone. The “Wiener Spinnerin am Kreuz” (Vienna) – history of restoration and evaluation


2007 | Heike Marius

“”Double-portrait of a young couple”,
a marble relief of the Lombardo studio (Venice 1520) from the Museum of Art History Vienna. restoration, conservation and new presentation.


2007 | Maria Margaretha Gruber

Earthen Painting Supports at the Nako Temple Compound, Himachal Pradesh, India. Preliminary Investigations concerning the Preservation of Traditional Earthen Renders
in Western Himalayas.


2006 | Marija Milcin

Roman cement decorative detailing – Possibilities for restoring façade elements using the example
of an apartment building at Esteplatz 7, 1030 Vienna.


2006 | Susanne Sandner

48 Marble Objects of the Kunstkammer of the KHM – conservational survey. Cleaning Marble Surfaces in Museum Collections.


2006 | Andrea Moser

Weathering and Conservation Possibilities for the Conservation and Restoration of Limestone of Adnet as Exemplified by the Memorial for “Simon Ruckhenpaiumbs” in St. Stephens Cathedral, Vienna.


2005 | Elisabeth Ghaffari

The historic polychromy of the baroque fountains in the Schönbrunn park and possible methods of reconstruction.


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