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2018 | Gabriella Gaal

A Chinese Assemblage from the Theatermuseum in Vienna, Austria
Diversity of materials as a challenge, focusing on the consolidation of fragile silk



2017 | Elisabeth Delvai

Medieval fabric fragments from the collection of the Universalmuseum Joanneum in Graz, Austria.
Technological analysis and conservation.



2016 | Philippine Lagardère

Conservation and restoration of an embroidered appliqué work from the late Renaissance.
An antependium from the MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art, Vienna



2015 | Birgit Läbe

The collection of pre-columbian textiles at the Museum of Applied Arts Vienna (MAK)
Textile Analysis – Conservation – Storage



2015 | Johanna Konrad

From wall-hanging to upholstery
Examination, Conservation and Restoration of a secondarily used
gilt leather wall-hanging from the Cistercian monastery Zwettl



2014 | Heidrun Wallmann

Conservation and restoration of a baroque upholstered bench from Greillenstein castle in lower Austria.



2013/14 | Regina Höllinger

From “Biedermeier” to “the era of crinoline”.
Examination, conservation and restoration of a highly altered silk dress from the fashion collection of the “Wien Museum”



2013/14 | Sophie Kurzmann

Crinkled leather boots of the textile collection of the Wien Museum
Condition Report − Conservation − Storage Concept



2013/14 | Gundula von Troyer

Conservation and restoration of fire damaged textiles
A Case Study on the Fashion Collection of Helmut Lang at the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art



2012 | Charlotte Holzer

Guidelines for Asbestos in the Museum Context
Dealing with Asbestos Containing Objects in the Collection of the “Technisches
Museum Wien” (TMW) – Case Study on a Late 19th Century Asbestos Proximity Suit



2012 | Eva Bergt

Removal of adhesive tapes on „coptic“ textiles from the Papyrus Collection at
the Austrian National Library, Vienna



2011 | Julia Zeindl

A Red Wedding Dress from The Universalmuseum Joanneum Condition Survey, Historical Research and Conservation



2011 | Nina Zangerl

EXEMPLARY – The conservation and restoration of a pattern book with roller blind-fabrics from the Commodities Collection of the Technical Museum, Vienna



2011 | Leonie Tscherner

The Collection of Umbrellas and Parasols of the Vorarlberger Landesmuseum



2010 | Marianne Novotny-Kargl

The costume storage. Optimized preservation in storage of costumes and accessoires



2009 | Nina Thill

Signed by the sun: the conservation and restoration of three Japanese temple banners from the Siebold Collection at the Museum of Ethnology in Vienna


2009 | Edith Oberhumer

One Hundred Boys – One Hundred Problems. The Examination and Conservation of Two Folding Screens Covered with a Chinese Silk Embroidery from the “Sammlungen des Fürsten von und zu Liechtenstein”.


2008 | Barbara Eisenhardt

“…under the golden bonnet…” The Collection of Agnes Kinz – Conservation and Restoration of 94 Golden Bonnets and Hats from the Vorarlberger Landesmuseum.


2008 | Angela Sixt

“Let them dance again …!?” The conservation and Restoration of the Stick-Puppets of Richard Teschner, Austrian Theatre Museum.


2006 | Hanna Grabner

Examination, conservation and reshaping of dry archaeological leather as exemplified by three so-called “Coptic” shoes.


2006 | Britta Schwenck

Knitted from gold and silk – conservation and restoration of a seventeenth century knitted jacket
from the Museum for Applied Arts, Vienna


2006 | Julia Peev

From Justaucorp to tailcoat – sewing techniques used in textile conservation.


2006 | Dorothea von Miller

Skin and Hair. Prehistoric Skin and Leather fragments from the Hallstatt Salt-mines. Recovery “Conservation” Storage.


2005 | Carine Gengler

Prehistoric textiles from Hallstatt at the NHM (Naturhistorisches Museum Wien), Investigation – Conservation – Storage


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