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/// Workshop: Conservation of Tangible Heritage with Special Reference to Napier Museum Trivandrum

18.02.2016 – 21.02.2016

Held at Napier Museum, Trivandrum, India by o. Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr. Gabriela Krist,
Dipl. Rest. Tanja Kimmel, Mag. Johanna Wilk, Tanushree Gupta MA (University of Applied Arts Vienna)

Napier Museum is a 135 years old structure, exhibiting more than 550 objects. The major collection includes metal sculptures from 8th to 18th century AD. In addition, the museum is rich in wooden and stone sculptures, musical instruments, ivory carving items and ancient coins. Napier Museum is a landmark in the Trivandrum city, famous both for its architecture and exquisite masterpieces.

The four days’ workshop, conducted by Institute of Conservation, University of Applied Arts Vienna, was aimed to understand the present condition of the collection in exhibition and storage of Napier Museum and to recommend measures to improve it. Participants joined from various organisations like Kerala Department of Archaeology, Museums and Archives, Centre for Heritage Studies, National Museum Institute of History of Art, Conservation and Museology, Kerala University, H.H. Maharaja Sir Jiwaji Rao Scindia Museum and Konserve Bhaav.

Essentials of collection survey and preventive conservation including risks and causes of damage, handling and care of objects and various options of labelling objects were included in the form of lectures, demonstrations and hands-on exercise. A session dedicated to filling condition reports allowed each participant to analyse objects with a methodology introduced to them. Participants were given an overview of effects of climate and light on the collection. Problems of pests and their monitoring were also covered, as these are very concerning issues faced by tropical museums year round. Participants were familiarized with materials that could be used for better storage and display of objects.

Based on this, in the final exercise, participants worked in groups to identify strong and weak points in the exhibition and storage areas and presented their recommendations on improving the situation of Napier Museum in the future.


Workshop ProgrammePublication IIC 2016 | Publication India Spectrum 2016 | Recommendations

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